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Ecogen Company has developed and started serial production of 5-staged thermoelectric modules with increased performance


We are glad to inform you that Ecogen Company has mastered the mass production of 5-staged thermoelectric module TB-5-(198-95-43-20-10)-1.4-1.2. The new module has successfully passed the tests and it will be the first one in the new product line of 5-staged modules. The module has all the best qualities of thermoelectric cooling, such as: high reliability, compactness and quiet operation.


TB-5-(198-95-43-20-10)-1.4-1.2 can cool the object to a temperature of minus 114 °C with a steepness of the load characteristic up to 16.4 K / W and the maximum cooling capacity of 8.6 W. All data are given for the hot side temperature of the module 27 °C. It is possible to develop custom cold area of the module with Customers load and installation of temperature sensors.


Due to the high efficiency and compact size of TB-5-(198-95-43-20-10)-1,4-1,2, with this module it becomes possible to improve the cooling process in such areas as terahertz spectroscopy, communications, lasers, hydrocarbon quality control and etc.